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Jock IT Price List
Device Front Glass
LCD replacement Battery
Home/Power/Silent/Volume button
& Camera replacement
Blackberry Bold 9700/9780
£50 £12 keybd: £25, Scroller: £25 £30 (incl bezel and cover)
Samsung Galaxy Ace
£40 £45
(with screen: £55)
Samsung Galaxy S3
£55 £130 £12    
iPhone 3G / 3GS £35 £40 £25 £25 £35
iPhone 4 / 4S £45 * £20 £35 £20
iPad 2 £75 £90 £85    
iPad 3 £90 £90 £90    

* iPhone 4's (both models) have their LCD fused to the digitizer (front glass) and are changed together.
A lot of the above can be combined into one repair, so for example, you may have smashed the front glass and the LCD screen behind that, so the price would NOT be a combination of both prices. Likewise, if you have problems with more than two buttons, the prices do not increase by adding thes prices together.
To use the postal service (you send your phone and I return by recorded delivery), add £10 to each cost.
There is also a mobile service available (excuse the pun!) whereby if you live within a reasonable distance (maybe around 10 miles of my base), then for an extra £10 I can come to you to repair onsite.
Please contact me for a complete price.

Item Virus Clean-up General Tune-up Rebuild Screen Replacement
Laptop £35 £30 £65 £80
Desktop £35 £30 £60  

All hardware upgrades can also be undertaken. The main upgrade for laptops and desktops are memory, which may help your machine run faster. Laptop memory, depending on the amount required, will generally cost around £20-£30 per 2 Gigabytes, so if you machine has 1GB of RAM, then to increase this to to 2GB will cost about £20 for the memory (plus labour of around £15).

Network support is also available for wireless networks. If your need to upgrade your wireless network for a greater distance, or there is are problems connecting, Jock IT can visit your premises and sort this out for a minimum charge of £45.

Website development is all specifically priced as each requirement is generally different. For a basic site which will have interactive contact forms and image sliders/carousels the price would start at £300.
This does not include design although your ideas and my experience are generally good enough for a basic site. A design service will generally cost anywhere between £250-£500 extra.
You can also add a content management system on at a later date and this will cost an extra £100-£150 depending on requirements. This will allow you to edit, add and delete content and photos/images.

If anything you are interested in is not listed or detailed here, please contact me and we will give you a price.

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