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This is the landing page for all iPads.
I get the feeling that I will need to re-write this page quite often as there seems to be a new iPad out every year, or some of the iPads get updated regularly!
There have been eight generations of iPads released. The original iPad (sometimes called the iPad 1) was released in 2010 and was a lot thicker than today's iPads. But this proved a concept - probably a concept that we didn't even know we needed!
The iPad 2 soon followed with updates to the iPad 3 and iPad 4 (the iPad 4 was the first iPad to have the new smaller lightning connector). The iPad Air was then released followed by the iPad Air 2, which was much thinner than all previous iPads. The next iPad was the 2017 model (sometimes refered to as the iPad 5) and then in 2018 another version was released (sometimes refered to as the iPad 6).

There have been two generations of the iPad Pro too, which three different models. The 1st generation iPad Pro's came in 9.7in and 12.9in sizes. The 9.7in Pro was the same size as the normal iPads but just had much better specifications.
The 2nd Generation iPad Pro's were updated versions but they dropped the 9.7in version in favour of a 10.5in version, so the 12.9in was retained and upgraded.

So how do you tell the difference bewteen the models?
You can obviously tell the difference visually, if you know the differences. If you've had an iPad for while you will not know the differences visually as you've probably never seen another iPad except you own.
The iPad 1 is much thicker than all other iPads but these are few and far between now I think.
The iPad 2, 3 and 4 all look very similar and in fact you will struggle to see the difference between the 2 and the 3. The iPad 4 was the first iPad with the Lightning connector, the smaller charger port, but still looked like the iPad 2 and 3.
The iPad Air, Air 2, 2017 and 2018 models all look quite simialr. All have a more curved square shape (as opposed to the earlier iPads with a very curved housing). The iPad Air 2 is very much thinner thanthe rest of them.
The iPad Pro's all look similar to the iPad Air or the latest iPads so these are quite difficult to distinguish, except the 12.9in model which is massive!!!

The get the exact model number, there are two methods.
If the iPad is still working and you can get into the Settings of the device, so to the General then About section and there will be a Model listed in amongst the details of the iPad. This usually list some sort of Apple model like "MD511B/A" which is not very helpful. If you tap on this model number, the model number should change to a more friendlier model number which follows the standard Apple model number of a letter "A" followed by 4 digits.
The other method depends on how good your eyesight is! Look on the back of the iPad near the bottom of the housing where there should be some very small, faint writing. In this writing will be listed a model. Something like "A1458".

So here is a list (these will be the WiFi models, SIM models will be slightly different):

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