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Jock IT Website Services

Just to be clear, Jock IT does website development as opposed to website design. There is a difference.
Design generally involves coming up with an original design, which is a creative process. Jock IT mainly concentrates on the development of a functional website and because we feel our prices offer 'good value for money', website design is generally a process of utilising my experience in website development and your requirements to build a website that satisfies your needs.

As each project is different it is therefore difficult to put a definite price on any one project but as a general rule of thumb a basic website (regardless of the number of pages) can cost around £300-£400. There is obviously a difference in some requirements and therefore each project must be discussed on its own merits.

A content management system (CMS) can also be added on top of the above (even at a later date) which will allow you as the website owner to update, add and delete content as you see fit. The addition of a CMS will cost around £149, which can be phased in at a later date.

I write websites in a scripting language called PHP, which is the basis for all the major CMS's that you've probably heard of such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. I also manage database design utilising the mySQL database in use by more web servers in the world than any other database.

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