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One of the most common issues with iPhones is that the glass front (or back) are quite easily broken or smashed. It doesn't take much but if you've ever dropped your phone the likelihood is that the screen is smashed.
But you don't have to walk around with a smashed iPhone anymore as Jock IT can repair your iPhone glass for a lot less than you think! Typical charges are £45 for a front glass screen (includes LCD) and £20 for a back glass/cover on your iPhone 4 or 4S.

Although the iPhone 4 has been around for some time now, these phones are not cheap so there are still a lot of iPhone 3 units out there and a lot of them are holding on by the skin of their teeth!
And the same applies to iPhone 3's as it does to iPhone 4's with screen breakages. The difference with an iPhone 3 is that generally you can simply replace the front glass as a single unit and therefore is quite cheap. Typical charges are £25 for a front glass screen.

Even your iPad and iPod Touch are prone to the same problems as iPhones and these can also be repaired.
Typical charges are £75 for an iPad front glass screen (not including LCD) and £40 for an iPod Touch (4th Gen).

Some Blackberry mobiles also suffer from cracked, smashed or just scratched screens.
Please contact us for a valuation on a repair but a typical Blackberry Bold 9700 screen repair is £20 (top front lens).

HTC, Samsung Galaxy
HTC and Samsung phones can also be repaired although parts will need to specifically ordered.
Please contact us for a valuation on your phone.

For a full list of prices and the repair process, please click on the Prices tab at the top menu.
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